Here is a selection of I-tal food dishes which our very own selecta Jah Bwoy has created

Spicy Bean Pasta

- Pasta
- Red kidney beans
- Rosecoco beans
- Green chilli pickle
- Sesame
- Additional sauce

Cook pasta.
Fry red kidney beans, rosecoco beans and green chilli, adding the spices you like. (Coconut oil recommended)
Add pasta when is ready.
Put a bit of sesame on top and mix everythng together.
Put some sauce on top to make it nicer.

Serve and enjoy your meal.

Vegan Rice n Veg

- Rice
- Asparagus
- Butternut squash
- Carrots
- Sweet potatoes
- Avocado
- Aubergine
- Plantain

Cut butternut squash and sweet potatoes cook until soft.
Cook rice, adding a bit of curry during cooking.
Fry chopped asparagus with carrots, add rice when is ready and mix.
Fry from the both sides sliced aubergine, plantain and avocado. (Coconut oil recommended)

Put everything nicely on your plate and enjoy your meal.

Cheesy Rice Noodles

- Rice noodles
- Broccoli
- Asparagus
- Tofu
- Chick peas
- Cheese
- Sweet and sour


Cook rice noodles and broccoli in separated pots.
Chop asparagus and tofu in the meantime and start frying with chick peas. (Coconut oil recommended)
When rice noodles and broccoli are ready, put everything together and mix, adding grated cheese on top.
Add sweet and sour sauce, mix again and keep frying for around 3 mins.

Put everything on your plate and enjoy your meal.

Vegan International callaloo


- Rice

- Courgettes

- Mushrroms

- Palentta

- Chilli

                        - Okra

                                    - Gongo peas

                                    - Chilli beans

                               - Callaloo

                                              - Sweet chilli sauce                                     (Optional)


Cook rice, adding a bit of herbal pepper and a spoon of coconut oil.

Slice and fry courgettes and mushrooms.

Cut and fry palenta.

Chop chilli, okra and start fyring with gongo peas and chilli beans, mix adding some hot spices.

Add callaloo, more spices and mix everything together,


Put nicely on your plate, adding a little bit of sweet chilli sauce and enjoy your meal.


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