Artist name: CASTRUM


Real name: Edward Castle-Henry


Home town: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire


Age: 27


Role: Selector, Promotor, Filmer and editor, Site builder



CASTRUM first came about in 2009 when he made his first event video of the Dubscover/Techscover finals in London. Since then he has carried on filming events, starting an Up Close and Personal video series as well as a Live Session series, capturing many world class artists, at events and festivals in the UK and also overseas.


In 2010 Castrum went to the South West to study, which is where he also discovered soundsystem culture, and has since helped soundsystems up and down the country, from Pressure Roots Hi Fi in Falmouth, Jambeater Soundsystem in Cumbria and several around London including Black Cat Soundsystem and Channel One Soundsystem to name a few.


Once finishing his study’s, he began to get far more involved in the festival circuit, working in many different areas of the build, from general site to helping specialized renewable energy providers, ReSource Power.


Once Castrum discovered Diverse Collective he got involved to help the local scene. Initially starting to help with promotion, creating a logo, building this website, setting up events and making videos, but has more recently started to select too. Music has been around all his life, playing trumpet in the school orchestra and later picking up the guitar too. CASTRUM had played a bit in the past, playing at a few Black Cat parties and also making use of the open decks at Playing for Change festival, but this year he has become far more active doing more shows and getting some bookings at events and festivals, but there is still a long way to  go, so watch this space.



CASTRUM playing the final set of Diverse Collectives first reggae night at The Flag in Watford, with Ramon Judah and Dark Angel on the mic.

Here are a couple of tunes from CASTRUM's opening 2 hour set inside the House of Joy at Solfest Festival 2016, on the might Jambeater Soundsystem.



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